‘China should have acted sooner on UK coronavirus response’ says MP

An extremely credible politician has reminded the public that nothing is ever her party’s fault.

Jenny Diehard, MP for Flonkington Spa West, has expressed her frustration that the ’crafty Chinese’ weren’t faster to organise the UK response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“You can tell that they’re clearly lying. They knew that the British needed to prepare for the pandemic long before any British preparations began,” Mrs Diehard said. “I hope and expect that they, not us, will pay the price for the UK’s tragic unreadiness.”

Chair of the Select Committee for Geopolitical Excellence, Diehard is known for her incisive, academic grasp of international affairs. Her published works include ‘An Entirely Spanish Criminal Act: attributing blame for the 1918 – 19 flu pandemic’ and ‘Why I Blame Denmark for the Great Depression’.