Chelmsford couple spends 48 hours camping out at wrong McDonalds

Maxton and Cathrin Dollop-Smith, both 22, have returned home after spending two nights in a tent outside a McDonalds branch that isn’t scheduled to open.

“I was so pumped when I saw on Twitter that they was going to open again,” Cathrin told us. “I love Maccies. Maxton don’t, but he gets a McFlurry when we go so he don’t mind.

“We was devastated when this man come along as says we can’t camp here ‘cos this lockdown thing. I said we needs to camp here ‘cos I want the first Big Mac they makes. Maxton pushed this bloke over and told him that he protects his girl and his girl gets what she wants, but then this bloke said he was from the police and cautioned Maxton and took us back to my mum’s house.”

The couple was unaware that the three Chelmsford branches scheduled to open would only be taking online orders, which branches they were, or that staying at home is recommended even for people who really want a McDonalds.

Citing the stresses imposed by their newfound – and doubtless lasting – fame, the couple has since separated, but plans to release a book about their experience.