‘I miss the trench camaraderie’ say shoppers as supermarket stocks return to normal

Shoppers are left feeling empty as nostalgia for panic-buying sets in.

Brits who resent that they missed out on WW2 have expressed their sadness that supermarket shortages caused by panic-buying are now mostly resolved.

The fight for a limited supply of toilet roll, and the grave hardship of doing without it, were gave of joy, determination and solidarity to a post-war generation that feels it was cheated out of its right to live through a terrible global conflict.

“Pinching a packet of loo-rolls from an OAP’s trolley really gave me a sense of duty and purpose,” said M Francois, 47. “It certainly beats running along Southend pier pretending to be a Lancaster bomber.”

Those craving their next dose of global-conflict-simulation can look forward to the upcoming announcement of the government’s next wave of mistakes, which promises to introduce fresh chaos to surveillance, supply-chains and over-eager policing.