Barry Island, Sealand and Narnia included in the ‘list of places Brits can travel’

There is a new list of 50 countries Brits can safely travel to, including several that aren't countries.

After Never-never-land (formerly Greece) closed its borders to deeply infected nations such as the UK, Brits have been scouring embassy websites for the possibility of briefly escaping this psychodrama nightmare of an island.

The Foreign Office is on the lookout for ‘safe’ countries where Brits can travel to, although despite several countries almost totally avoiding the pandemic, very few seem keen to open their doors to the ‘world-beating’ UK. In a bid to put the summer hols back on the menu, diplomats have worked tirelessly to develop a list of 50 countries to which British tourists are allowed to lay their towels down.

The list includes:

  • Barry Island
  • Those inbred Islands in the channel
  • Isle of Man (but really, who’d go?)
  • Mersea
  • British overseas territories (they have no choice – aha!)
  • Sealand
  • The Independent People’s Republic of Barnard Castle
  • Narnia
  • The Sea
  • Briton
  • Bratain
  • Brighton
  • Upstairs
  • Your imagination
  • The internet
  • Zoomsville (ok… enough – ed)