Dominic Cummings announces UK Lockdown Tour

‘We’re getting the band back together; with Toby Young on drums, Nick Timothy on Cor Anglais and Andrew Sabisky on bail’.

Incel Chieftain Dominic Cummings has announced dates for an upcoming tour of London and the North East, along with his backing band, The Goings.

Cummings and the Goings are known for smash hits such as:

  • Herd immunity (controversially pulled from air)
  • Sorry about your grandma (with over 36,000 sales)
  • Fuck the BBC (release delayed until 2021)

Cummings’ tracks also feature heavily on the last season of the famous TV series ‘The UK’.

The tour is set to kick off at Cummings’ family estate and will include several beauty spots throughout the North East. Pressed for comment, Cummings noted ‘fuck you, you’re all morons, I will bin you and your institution, sclerosis, you’re wrong, I am very clever’.