So cool! This pharma lab dropped everything to make a vegan-friendly hand sanitiser

Oh my days! Finally a hand sanitiser without bacon bits.

You know what really sucks?

Yeah, of course you do – having to squirt that nasty pork-based hand sanitiser gel all over your hands. It stinks. It offends your moral compass. It attracts dogs and pigeons. It’s just gross.

Well, the nightmare’s over. A new product called SteriOnion uses a vegan-friendly, onion-based formula. We tried it at the office, and here’s what we thought:

Wow, it’s so sticky and oniony. I love SteriOnion.Garry

Mmmmm! No meat but so much oniony goodness. I need SteriOnion.Felicity

Oh my god! I hated applying pork fat to my hands three times a day. Now with SteriOnion I don’t have to. Laura

Vegans rejoice in this sweated-onion goodness!Devendra

It smells so good I started putting it on my face every morning! I love that stale fried onion smell. Kevin

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