Prankster tricks broadcaster into giving him 30 minutes uninterrupted air time

Rob Henderson, the prankster who plays popular gag character ‘Boris Johnson’, successfully tricked the broadcaster into airing a half hour monologue last night.

Famous prankster Rob Henderson, known for his character ‘Boris Johnson’, has already garnered fame as a host of hit TV prank show PMQs, as well as features in other comedy broadcasts such as Question Time and, of course, The News. However, 30 minutes of uninterrupted primetime TV in which he managed to confuse and misdirect an entire nation in the face of a deadly pandemic is his most high-profile stunt to date.

Asked how he managed to gain access to the studio, one producer noted that “security is furloughed, we’re running out of fresh content and we’re under orders to air any posh white men that wander into the studio or they’ll pull the plug on the license fee.” Nonetheless, the public service broadcaster isn’t thrilled by the joke. “We honestly have no idea how he stayed on air for so long, there could be real consequences if people listen to his nonsense.”

Henderson’s antics have drawn controversy in the past, such as one high-profile gag that saw him paint lies on a bus to fool sixteen million people to vote to leave a largely benign and beneficial union.

Nonetheless, his gaffes continue to attract public attention and leave many wondering what he’ll get up to next.