Hit historical drama set to record new season over Zoom

Programme-makers have denied suggestions that scenes of the historical drama filmed on a video conferencing app will be ‘historically inaccurate’.

Producers have hit back after criticisms that filming a major TV drama in Zoom conferences would ‘introduce troubling historical inaccuracies’, be difficult for viewers to follow and ‘likely add to the sense that civilisation as we know it is crumbling into a series of ad hoc sub-standard countermeasures’.

“Un-amusing and unconvincing performances into webcams are becoming an important trope of the moment’, a TV critic told us. “Nothing says social-distancing quite like the view up an actor’s nose from a MacBook perched on an over-sized marble island-unit.

TV and film are already built on a bunch of implausible conceits – I wholly expect that viewing each character alone, seated in font of a computer, and flanked by the detritus of their chosen app will become entirely normal over the coming months. In time, we may even find it jarring to watch old-fashioned social-contact productions.”