Inspiring! This man is making masks out of used wound dressings

This hero businessman has worked out a way to turn hazardous medical waste into profit!

A Midlands businessman will manufacture face masks using otherwise costly medical waste.

Jonathan Charlatan, 56, has developed a top-secret, very clever sterilisation and forming process using only household cleaning products. The ingenious method will allow his firm, CleanFace Medical, to produce tens of masks each day from contaminated waste products that would otherwise cost thousands to safely throw away.

Charlatan, who previously operated a local minicab firm and has no medical background, made headlines last autumn when he won a hazardous waste disposal contract with the North-East Midlands NHS Trust.

Speaking at the time, a rival firm source speculated ‘this joker has no idea what he’s doing. I can only imagine he’s planning to fill a rented lockup with dirty bandages then do a runner’.

CleanFace Medical now plans to sell PPE back to the local NHS trust. It argues that since the raw material was fully tested and certified, there’ll be no need to ‘get bogged down in red tape’ re-certifying its ‘high quality’ masks.

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